For everyone that supports Nittinha & I, We give you a big THANK YOU.

If you are a designer and have items that you would like to feature on the blog, just hit us up on the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Hello, yes they’re.
      Which items you refering to? Every item used have the respective store credit, if you need any LM, let me know ^^

  1. Hello, I Was Wondering If You Could Feature On Of Vexiin’s New Items On Your Blog, Im The Co-Partner & Would Like To See On Of The Item’s Featured, I Can Give You A LM & Other Info In World If That’s Possible. I’ll Leave My Contact Info.

  2. I am coming out with a new clothing line and would love for you to model. Email me please for further discussion.

  3. Hello I am a Designer. Owner of A&Co. ( Allure & Company ) I would love to send you some items and if it suits your tastes for you to blog. Keep up the Gorgeous work xx.

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