Christmas on the 34th Street!

Christmas on 34th Street Web Poster

Welcome to the Christmas on 34th Street 2015!
December 9th-27th

The Christmas on 34th Street 2015 is presented by:
Pale Girl Productions
sponsored by:

Blues Hair
The Annex
Salt & Pepper

If you’re looking for a great event with great designers and the possibility of being able to gift everything you purchase, this is your event.

All items will be no copy and transfer so everything you buy may be placed under your Christmas Tree and gifted to your loved ones.

Don’t miss out on the chance of visiting this lovely SIM, with lovely items and also 4 Christmas Trees loaded with 10L gifts for you.

Christmas on 34th Street Map

Your TAXI – Click, Click, Click!

Remember Script Limit is enforced, Please come in as little as possible and detach all objects that you may be wearing. This will allow for a better shopping experience for all. We suggest wearing system clothes for the event.

Below is my exclusive for this event as well ♥

Delicate AD

Enjoy and Happy Holidays ♥


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