Hairs Hairs Hairs \o/

Hi guys, as you all know (or not know) my laptop have been repairing for the past month and unfortunately it has to go back. This been said, I chose my 3 favorite hairs that were released this month!

Enjoy ♥


#TheMeshProject Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe)
New Faces – Tasha [summer] UniversalMeshHead ~~ recent
Sayu @ Kustom9 / Kakoa GothQueen @ TGM / Amo ~~ recent
Dress: Tee*fy Gina Bodycon Dress Print A @ C88


#TheMeshProject Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe)
ItGirls TheMeshProject Applier – Summer ~~ recent
Moon @ No21 / The Sweet coming @ Candy Fair / Nyhm @ Kustom9
Dress: =Zenith=Sky Phase Dolly Dress @ Kustom9


#TheMeshProject Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe)
Pink Acid Skin Shawnie – Mocha 2  ~~ recent
21 Hours @ No21 / 1996 Angsty ~~ recent / Spit at Stars ~~ recent
Blouse: // SEUL \\ Breeze Top Oxblood ~~ recent


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