– Skin Fair 2014 coming!

Skin Fair Poster 2014

Hiii guys!

Skin Fair 2014 is coming soooooon, yes it is! I’ll be posting some of the information you should know (so please read :D) and also the SIMs maps so you don’t get lost or go directly to your favorite stores SIMs without getting lost and frustated.

First things first, Skin Fair will open to public on the 14th ’til the 30th. There will be over 120 stores for you to snoop around, among those, you will find skins, mesh heads  and make-up (probably more things too :P)

This year sponsors:

Style by Kira / La Petite Morte / Skin Addiction / The Mesh Project / The Lefevre Mansion / Designer Showcase / LivGlam / Loveme Skins / Aeros Avatars / MOJO / (red)mint / Eternally Yours / Angel Rock / Elysium / H.O.E. Inc / Yeliz

The event is brought to you by Pale Girl Productions & The Mesh Project

Important note: You may wanna know that will be a script limit to ease the lag for everyone, so you should detach any unneccesarry HUDs or resize scripts before landing and avoid being ejected 😀

I’ll be posting the 3 SIMs LMs on the 13th, so wait patiently ♥

The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 1 copy The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 2 The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 3 copy


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