SLXCONNECT and those who are skeptical about it…

I recently got the opportunity to have a sit down with the creator of SLXCONNECT (a new virtual social network for SL similar to facebook) and pursued a light interview about the frequently asked questions about this website. It has caused an uproar in the community due to it’s viral qualities in past 25 hours. Those of the users that were skeptical about it being a scam website and a way to be hacked, those accusations are FALSE. He clearly states you can use it or not use it, it’s a free service.

Lιєν Pяιмσ Pαηαchε: Hello Athayus

Athayus Quan: How are you? replying from email

Lιєν Pяιмσ Pαηαchε: i’m great. when you have the time i would like to interview you about slxconnect just to clear the air since it is going viral with the SL community. There are rumors that it is going to be used as a hack and I just want to clear the rumor.

Athayus Quan: One I’ve never had any of my sites ever hacked and the slx connect site is a free service and the rumours are false. I use my real name and information on my sites. I’ve been a user of second life for a decade now and I’m guessing because of the sites growth in the last 25 hours someone has started the rumour with malicious intent. I have privacy information and terms of use of the site clearly posted on the site. I’ve also stated that no one should ever use their sl in world password.
Lιєν Pяιмσ Pαηαchε: As i’ve been saying to those who question it, but they have implied that the site itself was going to be used for hacking like a phishing website or scam website.

The ones who implied such statement also brought to attention that the contact us link does not work on your contact page, is there a problem with the e-mail addresses for support and terms at this time?
Athayus Quan: Yeah that’s pretty vicious attack but false. I can delete account if requested as soon as possible, should read as soon as possible, the TOS has info on how to request account delete. I’ve since update the donation button to read more clearly.
I’m replying to you using the same email accounts via email to sl via the email account setup to support my slx network so yeah it’s working. I have terms@ as email forward to the email I’m replying to
Lιєν Pяιмσ Pαηαchε: do you have plans in the future to be partnered with linden labs?
Athayus Quan: If LL contacts me then we can cross that bridge if and when that happens. As for now if someone needs to reach me directly via email contact or can Skype me via Athayus.Quan and if your tech savy enough call my on my business phone line and get a friendly hello if I’m not sleeping. I’m just trying to provide a service if people interested great if not no worries.
Lιєν Pяιмσ Pαηαchε: The donation link located on the bottom right hand corner of the profiles it also states “will mark account verified as well”. Does this mean that you have to “pay to play”?
Athayus Quan: SLX Connect is a virtual social network and is free to join just as second life free to join there is no pay to play service as it is not even relevant in my case. Like anything that is offered for free someone has to pay for operational costs aka me. The donation button is purely optional and volunteer. I’ve had one donation for 0.01 cent. I emailed the person and said thanks for the thought… As for the verified system is like twitter verified system. At the moment that system is work in progress, I’ll update a FAQ on site when I have time to complete more detailed information about it.
Lιєν Pяιмσ PαηαchεSpeaking of verification, when registering for an account on slxconnect, will there in the future be a verification via email process so users would feel more secure about the service?

Athayus Quan: SLX Connect is currently work in progress as far as layout and user requested features go. I have a “change log” link at the bottom of the site, as updates are made to the site. Like anything people can use the site or choose not to. I’m doing my best to support it and have a new support forum opening soon. Those that know me, know I am put my all into everything I do and do my best to stand by everything I do whether its my clothing in second life or any professional web services I make or create for both RL clients and Virtual. It is what it is.
Lιєν Pяιмσ Pαηαchε: Nicely put, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Take that malcious rumors! I’ve actually gotten to know Athayus a little bit to tell you that this man is hardworking and driven about giving back to the community.

7 thoughts on “SLXCONNECT and those who are skeptical about it…

  1. It’s not that the site is crashing it’s that it is under heavy usage loads. I’ve been manually rebooting the server when it needs it till I can added a better load balancing system to the web server, this includes things like clearing the cache on the web server, as the website is averaging 5 new accounts every 1 to 2 seconds on the server. I’ve been doing my best to make sure the site stays up under the current load. We’ve had almost a half million pages views my site in the last 32 hours so it’s understandable that it might feel slow. I hope that clears up any extra confusion. If you need to reach me or have questions through me an IM in Second Life to Athayus Quan .. Cheers

  2. Well whatever you are doing… I hope it continues… already have you on my Social Network with your icon and link. I wish you all the best on this endeavor! As Developer myself, I am well aware of the problems you face when you least expect them… *hugs*!

  3. Small Note I’ve added full https SSL privacy certification after 16 hours of work yesterday on it to the site. So for those worried about privacy, they can rest and have more piece of mind knowing that not only is your information privacy and secure.

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