Family Moments Pt. 1


Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday with family & friends. Havok has a whole new winter collection for the guy this is only some of the new items. I will be featuring family members with me in future blog posts during the holidays while I have free time. Enjoy!

On Liev


[Jacket] – <HVK> Calrton Cardigan [Navy] /w bowtie  NEW!
[Trousers] <HVK> Chino Pants [Red] NEW!
[Shoes] – . S H I – Fabrik Lace-Up (Brown)

[Shades] – [CheerNo] Sun Glasses . KRALF – Red / List / Black

On Thalia


[Skin] – Vive9 – Maliah SPF306 Base – No Brow

[Hair] – [BURLEY]_Stasia_Black02


[Jacket] – D. ChicagoBullsChalkline Varsity XS

[Pants] – [m] Roger Chinos – Tan

[Shoes] – [Z3] 6s Carmines


[Shades] – Reek – Park Shades


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