The Swag Fest ~~


I know, I’m so excited as well! The Swag Fest is a Urban & Streetwear fashion Fair/event, so … If you like the theme we invite you to come aboard and check some of the best stores in the Grid 🙂

~~From 1st October to 31st October~~

Check the Blog for more info & to be updated ~~ Click Here ♥


2 thoughts on “The Swag Fest ~~

  1. \o/ Secretly we are Gay is here!!!! Give it up losers…know the meaning of what you are pimping before you look like an asshole…wait…too late

    1. Hey bob, Swag Fest is the name of an event @ secondlife game. I know the meaning, but it got a new meaning as well in urban style matters. I guess the jokes are on you now by wasting your time offending people. Tc 🙂

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