Sex Pistol

Whats up guys? Sorry for my absence. RL comes first over blogging. But here are some NEW items in the upcoming Fi*Fridays! and new item by TartCake&YuMad (SL URL WILL BE IN THE SLURL PAGE) and also some self promo to my family owned business 2nd avenue jewelers. we have some out-of-the ordinary jewelry for sale! check it out here 2nd avenue jewelers


| Shirt | -TartCake&YuMad- Sex Pistols Top NEW!!

| Trousers | kal rau Baggy Jeans Dark M2_Mesh

| Shoes | [Z3] Uptempos Black


| Hat | wonder1and purple dro mesh fitted   NEW!!  FI*FRIDAYS

|Necklace | ::SBS:: Roaring Lion And Jesus Mesh Chain  NEW!! FI*FRIDAYS

| Belt | Bless- BALMAIN- Leather Belt V.2.

| Watch | [DDL] Confide in Me (red)

| Bracelet | 2nd Avenue ::Ruby Lion’s Head Shamballa NEW!!

| Ring | 2nd Avenue ::DJs Ring Black Special NEW!!


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