If I Die Young

If I Die Young

BLESSED has released some new items at their second location. If you like the vintage upscale fashion look i highly recommend to check it out. MENS ONLY HUNT is getting closer and closer and these shades are a preview of the gift from SHADZ.



[Jacket] Bless-Designer Blazer(Red) (NEW!!)

[Shirt] *KEANE*Paco Vneck(white)

[Pants] AITUI – Reborn Slacks – Low Rise /Onyx/

[Shoes] BLESSED- DMP Jordan IV -Black (NEW!!)


[Shades] ShadZ – MOH2 GIFT – Classic (MOH2 PREVIEW)

[Earrings] Bless-24k Diamond Earings (NEW!!)

[Necklace] Bless-Classic Figarro Chain

[Bracelet] +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma* ( MHO HUNT 4)

[Watch] Kari – Nato Watch – BRBP (NEW!!)

[Rings on R] RING TWO-COB GOLD        -RYCA-


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